Wildlife Safari

The moose safari to Nikkaloukta takes you through a wonder world of snow and wildlife

The best and most exciting way to see the wildlife of Sweden in it’s most natural way, is by going on the moose safari. A drive full of beautiful landscapes, moose, reindeer and lots of other sights.

We start driving towards Nikkaluokta, a Sami village in between the mountains. These mountains are called the Kebnekaise, and with 2106 meters high, this is the highest mountain of Sweden. It is a 70 kilometer drive from Kiruna to Nikkaluokta, and with the speed we drive it will take around an hour and fifteen minutes to get there, so with the stay there included a good three hours of safari.
The tour includes warm drinks in the winter and cold drinks in the summer. We stop in Nikkaluokta to drink something and look around, and there will also be time to make some pictures. Pictures can be taken by yourself or by the tour guide who is always equipped with highly professional photography gear and

experience in photography. The guide can also take pictures of the animals and other sights along the ride, in case you didn’t bring a camera but would still like pictures. After the tour, the guide will send the pictures to the email address you booked with.

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