Where can you see the Northern lights

Where can you see the Northern lights? The northern lights are a phenomena that is visible at night and during the darker days of the year. The northern lights are becoming more and more famous all over the world, and most people will do anything to see them with their own eyes. Of course the northern lights aren’t visible everywhere, but seeing them might be easier then you would think. All though nobody can really promise the northern lights, they are pretty easy to predict these days.


Where can you see the Northern lights


So now that we know how to see it; where can you see the Northern lights? Well, there are several places in the world where you can see them. Of course, as the name suggests, you have to go as far north as possible. But there are specific places that make it easier to see them. One of those places, and the most popular one, is Kiruna in Lapland, Sweden. In Kiruna thousands of people come together every year to see this light show. People fly across the globe just to get a glimpse of this promising beautiful piece of natures light. The city Kiruna thrives on these touristic attractions and therefor has years of experience, showing people where to see them, how to see them, and most importantly, how to photograph them.

Photographing the northern lights isn’t extremely difficult, but it can get tricky. Luckily there are lots of guide that will be happy to help you out and show you what settings you need for you camera to put the northern lights in picture. To give a small explanation; the northern lights are particles in the sky that reflect a light, but the light can sometimes be too weak for the camera to see, therefor it is important to keep the shutter of your camera open, this will allow more light is, hence more northern lights on your picture. But as some of you might know, keeping the shutter open, meaning you can’t hold the camera in you hand. This will result in a blurry picture. So a tripod is absolutely a must.

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