When can you see northern lights in Kiruna

When can you see northern lights in Kiruna

When can you see northern lights in Kiruna? That is a question that many people ask, and it’s not surprising. After all, are the northern lights always visible, and anywhere? To answer all these questions, we have to learn the basics of the northern lights first.

The northern lights (aurora borealis) are protons and electrons that are entering the atmosphere at both poles, coming from the sun. When these atoms fall down and collide with earth’s oxygen and nitrogen, they reflect these beautiful colors we all love.

When can you see northern lights in Kiruna


So now we know that the northern lights are really lights. This means, that the only times they are visible is when it is dark outside. The perception that people have of light and dark, is a little different in Kiruna. In this little arctic city, the days are extremely long in the summer and extremely short in the winter. In fact, in the summer it is always light and in the winter always dark.

Therefore, the summers make it absolutely impossible to see any northern lights. So, this we can set aside. Now, what about the winter? Well, in the winter time the chances of seeing these light are much bigger. It is dark, cold and very little light pollution. However, even in the winter time, it is not guaranteed to see the aurora every day. Even with the most optimal of circumstances, it is possible to not see any northern lights.

This means, that the northern lights are not as predictable as the weather. Never the less, there are some simple tricks to remember to maximize your chances.

When can you see the northern lights in Kiruna:

  • Pick a dark and cold month like November, December, January or February
  • Pick a few days around the new moon (less light pollution)
  • Stay for at least 3 days to spread your chances
  • Ask one of our guides before you leave how the forecast is looking


I hope this article helps you out! Read more about this subject and find out where you can see the northern lights best.