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  1. Tours
    – On snowmobile tours we can’t allow pregnant women. If you are pregnant, please report this to us. If for some reason you don’t report this to us, we are not responsible for any problems.
    – On snowmobile tours we can’t allow children younger than 6 years. This because children younger than that are not able to express in a clear and understandable way that they are getting too cold. To prevent any injuries we stick to this rule.
    – A person who wants to drive a snowmobile, has to have at least driving license B or motorcycle license.
    – Before going on a snowmobile tour, it is mandatory to inform us about any deceases like heart problems, diabetes or asthma.
  2. Bookings
    – If you have booked a transfer with us and your plane or train is delayed, it is you responsibility to inform us about this at least 20 minutes before the agreed time. If delay occurs later than that, please still inform us as soon as you have the chance.
    – Cancellation of bookings need to be submitted and confirmed by us at least 24 hours before arrival. If the cancellation is submitted within 24 hours before arrival, we charge 50% of the total amount.
  3. Hotels
    – Explore Kiruna can help you with hotel bookings, but is not responsible for the state in which the hotel rooms are in. We simply advise and help to find the best suitable hotels.