Who are we?

We are a family company. We love working with people and being in nature, the perfect combination for this field of work, although being a tour guide in Kiruna never really feels like work!

Because Kiruna offers many different attractions and sights, we try to offer the biggest possible collection of tours and services. We are hoping to fulfill our guest’s every need and are always open for tips and comments about improvements.



Volvo Explore Kiruna

We are a family company and we want to make our guests feel like they are with family when we greet them. As oppose to many tourist companies who transfer their guests in minivans or vans, we want to give our guests the ultimate comfort feeling by driving you in the most luxurious and safe car you can get, plus it couldn’t get more Swedish than this!

We can drive a maximum of 6 people in this car, but of course we have a solution in case your group is bigger than 6 people. For the same price we will drive with two cars and then the maximum amount of people we can transfer will be 10 people. Don’t worry! The second group will be getting a similar vehicle.



We are proud to say that we have been nominated, and awarded with the Travel & Hospitality Award for 2020. Something that brings us great pleasure and motivation to keep serving our guests.